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I am a product designer (in-training). Currently a graduate student at the Brandcenter at VCU, doing who knows what.

I was always a restless child; eager to rush home to play on my GameCube or run down the street to my grandmother’s house to eat all of her snacks.

Now, I am a restless adult; on the endless journey to discover what makes this lifetime so special - call me an optimist, but I think I'll figure it out someday.

As a designer, I am eager for the opportunity to design products centered around relationships, community, and minority experiences that will enrich people’s lived experiences - even if only by a little bit.

Avid fan of surfing, dinner parties, talking about Asian-American culture + identity, how public transit is the future of transportation, fresh flowers, or whatever else - I'm an open book.

Currently looking for a summer 2022 internship, let’s chat! - resume

Get in contact with me - 804-477-9094 (text or call), email, LinkedIn.